[EuroPython] preparations at CERN

Benedikt Hegner benedikt.hegner at cern.ch
Tue Jan 10 18:31:22 CET 2006

On 10.01.2006, at 18:20, Aiste Kesminaite wrote:

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>> Tracks and talks:
>> - Should we have a poster session?
> I have no strong opinion about that but would lean to the lightning
> talks fulfilling this need.
> One more thing related to tracks and talks -- there was a discussion
> about changing track chairing format -- i.e. there was a suggestion to
> not have one person who chairs the whole track during the  
> conference but
> rather have several people do it so no one would have to spend the  
> whole
> conference or most of it just in one track.
> Taking care of choosing talks for a particular track prior to the
> conference would still be done by one or a few people responsible for
> that track.
> What do people think about this change?

It's common for other conferences to split it up in that way. And it  
makes perfectly sense.


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