[EuroPython] preparations at CERN

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Tue Jan 10 23:16:43 CET 2006

My scientist friends are very used to poster sessions, and say they
like them.  If we expect CERN to draw a substantial number of 
scientists, this might be friendly.  Also, why either/or?  Have
posters _and_ give a lightning talk....


In a message of Tue, 10 Jan 2006 19:20:55 +0200, Aiste Kesminaite writes:
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>> Tracks and talks:
>> - Should we have a poster session?
>I have no strong opinion about that but would lean to the lightning
>talks fulfilling this need.
>One more thing related to tracks and talks -- there was a discussion
>about changing track chairing format -- i.e. there was a suggestion to
>not have one person who chairs the whole track during the conference but
>rather have several people do it so no one would have to spend the whole
>conference or most of it just in one track.
>Taking care of choosing talks for a particular track prior to the
>conference would still be done by one or a few people responsible for
>that track.
>What do people think about this change?
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