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Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Jan 16 11:13:15 CET 2006

Benedikt Hegner <benedikt.hegner at cern.ch> writes:

> Hi all,
> sorry, it is a little bit late but I was quite busy the last days.  
> Let me answer Michael's questions about Indico:
> This software was used before for other conferences and needs  
> definitely no hand-holding or baby-sitting. The features are for  
> example timetables, call for abstracts, registration, printing and  
> everything related to the background work for track chairs  
> (scheduling tracks, shifting talks, rejecting talks etc.). This  
> software is free software (GPL), available as a package and yes - it  
> can be used for the next conferences. It is not a big task to  
> transfer a full conference (with talks, papers etc.) to another  
> server. One major point - it is supported by a responsive developer  
> group.

This is all good -- I'd attempted to install it and failed and
attempting to email the user group bounced, so I was getting a bit

> We already have a running Europython test site at CERN ( http:// 
> indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=44 ). In principle we have  
> nothing more to do than to use it. (I can create all needed accounts)

Looks fine to me.  Something I didn't see in the parts of indico I
looked at was anything to do with submitting talks, though.

> So I propose the following:
> programme, timetables, registration, call for abstracts and all the  
> work the track chairs have to do should be done with the Indico  
> solution. All other information like travel information, sponsors,  
> public relation stuff can be put on a more or less simple CMS without  
> fancy features. We have already some information prepared and need to  
> fill it in somewhere. Personally I prefer Plone but I am happy with  
> every other out-of-the-box solution.

You seem to have a start on this information in the indico instance
already -- is there a need for another CMS?


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