[EuroPython] #europython minutes 23rd January 2006

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Jan 23 18:19:48 CET 2006

Hi folks, 

here are my brief notes/minutes about the EuroPython meeting 
today, hope i got everything correctly.   Next Meeting is 

    6th February 2006, 5pm CET  (60 minutes max) 

and will be moderated by Aiste - send her or the europython
list your agenda topics. 



EuroPython Orga Meeting 23rd January 2006 

Time & Location: #europython 23rd Jan 2006, 5pm-6pm CET 

Attendees: Paul Everitt, Michael Hudson, Benedikt Hegner, 
           Holger Krekel (moderation), Aiste Kesminaite, 
           Jacob Hallen, Alexander Schremm (xorAxAx), 
           Christian Scholz (MrTopf), Harald Armin Massa (ghum)

the meeting was ad-hoc moderated by holger. 

* Discussion about "Zope" track

  Paul suggests to go for a "Web Frameworks Track" instead 
  of limiting it to Zope.  He thinks that this should
  help to get more cross-pollination going within the 
  python web framework communities.  There would likely
  be a quota on Zope talks then.  The ideas were welcomed 
  by the attendees and will likely be followed up 
  on the mailing list and on the upcoming track chair 
* conference fees 
  Benedikt sent a mail to the EuroPython list short before
  the meeting about price calculations.  Apart from the 
  fact that a some people want higher speaker prices 
  the prices are reasonable.  The fee calculations should
  be decided upon at the next EuroPython Meeting. 

* deadlines 
  The meeting came up with the following rought timeline: 

  15th February  Call for Proposals 
  March          Opening online Registration (Payment issue pending!) 
  31st March     Deadline for proposal submissions
  30th April     Prelininary Program with accepted talks 
  19th May       Closing Early Bird registration 

* Renaming EuroPython to Pycon idea 
  Holger mentions the idea of renaming EuroPython to Pycon. 
  The idea is generally welcomed but a number of people think 
  that we should not tackle this for 2006.  Everybody agrees
  that heading for some more discussions with organisers 
  from non-europe Python conferences e.g. at Pycon 2006 
  makes sense.  The guiding idea is to have a worldwide 
  naming/context umbrella for Python conferences. 

* next dates: 
  31st January 5pm Track-Chair Meeting (moderation + agenda: Michael) 
  6th February 5pm  EuroPython Meeting  (moderation + agenda: Aiste)

somewhat open topics: 

* decision/procedures on conference software (favourite seems
  to be Benedikt's CERN solution for now)
* followup on payment procedures/accounts (IBAN + Creditcard
  payment possibilities desired)
* Website ???

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