[EuroPython] track chair meeting today #europython 1700 central european time

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Jan 31 18:09:45 CET 2006

Michael Hudson <mwh at python.net> writes:

> As previously threatened, I'd like to hold a meeting of people wanting
> to chair a track at this year's EuroPython tonight.  Ideally after
> this meeting we'll know what tracks we are going to have and who's
> going to chair them and be in a fit state to write a call for papers.

OK, the upshot of this was indeed a list of tracks and chairs,
something like this:

 holger/bea d - agile
 aiste/bea f - social skills
 nicolas - science
 paul/godefroid - zope/web
 samuele - python language and libraries
 john pinner/harald? - business again
 aroldo/lac - education/neophytes
 lac - misfits
 armin/carl - refereed papers

If your one of these people I'd like you to add a description of your
track to


within the next week (or email me or the list if the wiki doesn't like
you for some reason).

In addition, there are a few questions:

(1) What are the sizes and numbers of the rooms we've reserved?  I
    know I've seen this somewhere, I just forget where that was.

(2) How seriously do we want to run tutorials?  Charging extra, doing
    them on a separate day and splitting the costs with the giver of
    the tutorial or just a couple of long-ish talks on the first
    morning?  If we want to take them seriously, we could do with
    finding some energetic person to take care of them.

(3) I read in an old-ish maik that "CERN are interested in a strong
    science track and a strong neophytes track."  Is there someone at
    CERN who can help with making sure this happens?  I guess this
    means to some extent coordination with Nicolas and a marketing
    effort to find scientists who can give interesting talks and
    finding out what they want to learn about :)

The current plan calls for the CFP to go out on the 15th of February,
a little more than two weeks time.  Is this still on course?  I think
so, modulo website stuff...


  It's an especially annoying American buzzword for "business use, 
  as opposed to consumer, research, or educational use".
                                    -- Tim Peters defines "enterprise"

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