[EuroPython] EuroPython2006: Talks not available on the conference website

Matei Ciobotaru Matei.Ciobotaru at cern.ch
Mon Jul 10 10:55:38 CEST 2006

Hello. The following presentations are not yet available on the 
conference website. Could you please ask the authors to upload them?
Thank you.
Best regards,
Matei Ciobotaru


0-Python and PostgreSQL - a match made in heaven
3-Templating Systems Compared and Contrasted
9-Tramline, big files are fun!
15-The African Python: Programming and Training in South Africa
22-Bebop: A Zope3-based Groupware
25-Working Together on the Web
26-The Django Web Framework
30-Children First!
31-The Future of Python
37-Developing MailManager
44-Managing a multilingual decentralised network with OpenSource
45-JSON-RPC - makes web services communication simple
52-Generating content types and workflow with ArchGenXML
55-Visualizing behavior of ambient sensor networks
63-CPSSkins: theme editor for Zope3
69-Managing the Launchpad team at Canonical
75-Distributed Source Code Management tools
76-Python Academy - Teaching Python in Germany
77-LLG Python: A Python based approach for high performance Parallel 
Geometric Computing
80-Introduction to Code_Aster
84-Users participation in the design process of Open Source Software 
communities: the case of Python
86-Kill -1: process refactoring in the PyPy project
91-py.execnet: ad-hoc networking
93-PyPy architecture session
95-TinyERP: opensource enterprise management software
98-OpenAlea - A platform for plant modelling, analysis and simulation
100-xturtle - an extended turtle module for Python as a vehicle for 
teaching programming concepts
102-Managing a distributed company
107-What can PyPy do for you?
108-The Enthought Tool Suite for Scientific Applications
109-Factory monitoring with Pylons, XML-RPC and SVG
110-Testing web applications with HyperTest
112-Common mistakes you can make using pytz and datetime
121-"What not how" - Questionnaire development with Zope & Python
123-Liberlab, a pocket lab for all

Lightning Talks
moshe zadka -- how to give a bad lightning talk
rob collins -- showing git in bzrk
jens horst -- email poll
felix wiemann -- security issues with docutils, moinmoin and zope
RichardJones -- Games of the PyGame contest [WWW] http://www.pyweek.org/
aaron bingham -- fixing design by contract
andrew maier -- ganga - a user tool for job submission to the grid
stefano masini -- a shell application framwork
marc berhault -- distributed data at google
epc team -- europython 2007 and beyond
harald -- zerolib
sylvain thenault -- static analysis of python code and pylint
anders chigstroem -- PyPy's JIT
aiste -- europython questionnaire
eric jones -- python enthought edition
jean-philippe -- teaching python at ecole centrale paris
ignas -- a crowd based security policy
Armin Rigo/Holger Krekel -- pypy 3000
brian quinlan -- a plug for the vancouver python workshop
robert collins -- making even more money for the psf
andrew dalke -- collections and heapq
felix wiemann -- rst2s5
Steve Alexander -- launchpad
jacob hallen -- fun with stan
reinout van rees -- instance manager
armin -- sharedref
philipp -- zope.testbrowser
harald -- python is faster than assembler
niels mache - spreed.com free virtual conferences
martijn -- lxml
Luis Belmar-Letelier -- itools
philipp -- properties vs decorators
rob collins -- psf and the need for massage
mark mcmahon -- pywinauto
raymond -- interactive activation in competition

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