[EuroPython] Info about RV parking

Stefano Masini stefano at pragma2000.com
Tue Jun 13 09:14:46 CEST 2006

Thanks a lot!
That was very helpful information.


On 6/12/06, Audun Ostrem Nordal <Audun.Ostrem.Nordal at cern.ch> wrote:
> Hello,
> Actually, there are some camping space facilities nearby according to
> the list here
> http://www.geneve-tourisme.ch/index.php?rubrique=0000000021&lang=_eng
> Peissy and Satigny are pretty much as close as you can get, south-west
> of CERN, they should be around 5 kms from the venue.  I don't know
> exactly what facilities they have at these campings, but I have
> eyewitness reports that there are RVs in the Camp-Allondon camping.  It
> is nicely located near the woods and less than 500 meters from a
> restaurant.  You can get to and from CERN by calling the local bus
> service (Telebus) an hour in advance, or you can walk through the
> vineyard (this should be shorter).
> I checked with security at CERN and they do not allow RVs at CERN for
> overnight stays, but you may be allowed to park during daytime.  To do
> this you will have to notify them in advance, contact me off-list if you
> want to do this.  As for nearby parking lots there are some in the
> vicinity, and you may be able to park there, but I'm not sure what the
> local customs are about this...
> HTH.  Best regards,
> __
> Audun Ostrem Nordal     tel: +
> 1211 Geneve 23
> Switzerland

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