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On 28/06/06, Michael Hudson <mwh at python.net> wrote:
> Well, I've withdrawn the talk now.


I'm going to Europython to learn from the conferences but If this time-slot
will not be filled maybe the organizers of the teaching or game track could
be interested by the Liberlab project.

To summarize it's a very low cost (15 € of components)  open source/open
hardware interface (which can be used for measures, automation, interactive
arts, etc)  using Python.

You can a find a short description here:

There's a simple Tkinter app:

A small module can also be used with educational modules like Vpython,
Xturtles, Cherrypy, etc ....

The website of the project :

If the project is not suitable for the free time slot I will in any case be
available to give an improvised corridor demo to anyone interested :)


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