[EuroPython] Europython Conference

Andreas Pfeiffer andreas.pfeiffer at cern.ch
Thu Jun 29 09:37:33 CEST 2006

Hi Thierry,

> 	I tried to register on-line at the Europython Conference on Monday
> 	June 26th, but I was obviously too late! The email addresses I tried
> 	until now didn't reply...

... sorry for this, I saw them, but as I was busy, I hoped for  
someone else
to reply ... which apparently didn't happen because everyone is  
pretty busy
these days :-(((

> I was wondering if you could tell me:
> 	- if on-site registration will be possible on Sunday or Monday  
> morning?

... yes, you can register on-site on Monday during registration time  
08:00 - 09:00
at the CERN Reception (building 33) ...

> 	- if wireless Internet access and conference dinner would be
> 	accessible in that case?

... we do have some spare places for the dinner, depending on how many
people register on-site before you, you can get one.

For internet access, you can already fill the form at:

http://cern.ch/registerVisitorComputer, for the "CERN Contact"

please use the following:
Name: Pfeiffer
Firstname: Andreas
CERN Department: PH

Or you can simply try to connect once you're on-site, you will then be
redirected to the form and can fill it then. As the form needs some  
intervention afterwards (a validation by me, and I'm probably quite busy
then) the on-site laptop registration may take a while.

> 	- which payment nethod (VISA,...) will be used on-site?

... as far as I know now, only cash is possible. I'll check the  
again and let you know if there are also other means ... please note the
higher on-site fee (http://www.europython.org/sections/ 

Apologies again for the late reply !

	cheers, andreas

> 	I need a quick answer to organize my journey, thanks a lot
> 	for replying!
> 	Best regards
> 	Thierry GARTISER
> 	INRIA-Lorraine webmaster
> 	[Bonjour
> 	J'ai essayé de m'inscrire à la conférence Europython lundi après-midi
> 	(26 juin), mais les inscriptions en ligne étaient apparemment
> 	déjà closes.
> 	J'aurais voulu avoir les renseignements suivants :
> 	- l'inscription sur site sera-t-elle
> possible dimanche 2 ou lundi 3 juillet ?
> 	- dans ce cas, sera-t-il également possible d'obtenir une connexion
> 	wi-fi et de participer au "conference dinner" ?
> 	- quels sont les moyens de paiement requis (VISA,...) ?
> 	merci pour votre réponse
> 	Thierry GARTISER
> 	webmaster INRIA-Lorraine]
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