[EuroPython] europython poster

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Fri Mar 17 16:39:18 CET 2006

Benedikt Hegner <benedikt.hegner at cern.ch> writes:

> Hi,
> Vincent Maton designed a great poster for the epc2006.
> You can have a look at the "final" version here:
> http://hegner.home.cern.ch/hegner/poster_A4.pdf

Very nice.

I have a slightly tangential question: is it EuroPython or Europython?
I've always tended to the former, but the poster and a few places on
the website say the latter.  Anyone have any strong opinions?


  > so python will fork if activestate starts polluting it?
  I find it more relevant to speculate on whether Python would fork
  if the merpeople start invading our cities riding on the backs of 
  giant king crabs.                 -- Brian Quinlan, comp.lang.python

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