[EuroPython] Homage layout

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Mar 20 12:16:56 CET 2006

Jacob Hallén <jacob at strakt.com> writes:

> To make the page look better balanced there are a couple of things that should 
> be easy to do:
> - Make the "Site updates" box go as far down as the "Highlights" box does. The 
> gap creates a visual dis-association between the upper part of the page and 
> the lower part.

This sounds like a good idea.

> - Do something about the empty space to the right of the WHAT-WHO-WHY boxes. 
> Either shift them to be centered on the page or put something in the space.

Another option would be to add a "WHEN" box, I guess.

> - The distance between the lower edge of the "Highlights" box and the upper 
> edge of the WHAT-WHO-WHY should be the same as the distance between the lower 
> edge of the toolbar and the upper edge of the "Site updates"- "Europython 
> 2006" - "Search this site".

This is already the case, is it not?


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