[EuroPython] proposals for the webpage

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon May 15 14:02:40 CEST 2006

Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk> writes:

> On Monday 15 May 2006 13:02, Benedikt Hegner wrote:
>> I had a look at the website. It is a little bit confusing.
>> I have the following idea for Tracks&Talks to make it a little bit
>> more structered:
>> Is it possible to reduce this part by one Level? The information on
>> "Call for Proposals" could be put directly on Tracks&Talks or the
>> link renamed . "Call for Abstracts" should be deleted completely.
> I tried to make a bit more sense out of this page during the weekend, but Dave 
> mentioned that the call for abstracts did seem to take the user on a tour of 
> many different pages, and I personally don't like the terms "proposal" and 
> "abstract": you're either submitting a paper or a talk, although it's a bit 
> late for the former, now.
>> What about a more direct link to the programme once it is fixed.
> If you follow the "conference timetable" you get to see the talk slots, but 
> perhaps "conference programme" confuses this.
>> One click and you are there. At the moment you have to follow too many
>> links. :-(
>> And maybe a link like "Propose a talk" should be on top of the
>> Tracks&Talks page.
>> Any comments and ideas?
> I propose...
>   * Removing the "Call for Abstracts" link (and section?).
>   * Adding some text about proposing talks at the top of the page,
>     linking to the "Call for Proposals" section but not necessarily
>     using that label: "Propose a talk" is better. When talk
>     submission is closed, we can change this section to mention
>     this.
>   * Changing the "conference programme" link to refer to "tracks"
>     or "topics". Since the track descriptions are on the proposals/
>     talks page, we could link to that instead of the Indico version.
>   * Changing the last part to be about the conference timetable,
>     noting that this isn't finalised yet.

This all sounds good.

> It would be nice to have the date for the selection of talks in that list of 
> deadlines, too.

I'd like to have the list of accepted talks ready very very soon after
the deadline for submissions passes -- like by the third of June, say.
I hope the track chairs are ready for this :)

> Paul
> P.S. If no-one has any objections, I'll make the above changes in a short 
> while - I have some other errands to run first. :-)

Sounds good!

> P.P.S. If there's a way of pushing out published changes to the site
> via RSS, that would be interesting to know about.

Well, there's 


but I'm not entirely sure what determines when things end up in there.

> And when
> registration opens, we really want a comp.lang.python.announce
> message to be sent out, too.

Oh my yes.


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