[EuroPython] Proposal: EP 2007 dates, Mon 9 July -> Wed 11 July

Steve Alexander steve at canonical.com
Sat Sep 2 17:21:00 CEST 2006

Hi Everyone,

There's been some discussion on this list about dates for next years'
EuroPython conference, that will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Aiste from the team who are organising the conference has asked for the
dates to be decided within the next few days, so that they can make firm
arrangements with venues and that kind of thing.

Aiste originally proposed the dates 25-27 June.  Nicolas Pettiaux, Dario
Lopez-Kasten, Gregor Lindl and Valentine Volonghi pointed out that these
dates are bad for those with teaching commitments and exams.

Python in education is an important topic for EuroPython, so we should
choose dates that work in that regard.

The following week, 2-4 July, would be possible, but is both difficult
for many attendees from the USA, and inconvenient for the organising
team in Vilnius.

The week following that, 9-11 July, is good for the organising team in
Vilnius, and ought to be good also for those from the USA, and those
with teaching or exam commitments.

So, I propose that EuroPython 2007 in Vilnius be held Monday 9 July to
Wednesday 11 July.

The EuroPython board will vote on this on Tuesday next week (5
September).  Meanwhile, I'd like to hear about any serious objections to
these dates.  I'm most interested in issues that apply to broad
categories of people, rather than individuals; for example, if the dates
are bad for teachers in Europe, or for all French people, and so forth.

I'm cc-ing Jim Fulton from the USA and Richard Jones from Australia,
both of whom spoke at the last EuroPython.  Jim and Richard, please tell
me if the dates would be bad for you or your country-folk.

Steve Alexander

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