[EuroPython] Proposal: EP 2007 dates, Mon 9 July -> Wed 11 July

Aroldo Souza-Leite asouzaleite at gmx.de
Sun Sep 3 20:19:24 CEST 2006

Congratulations to POV!

9-11 July is a good date as far as I can see. I don't think there is an
image problem with it.



Magnus Lyckå schrieb:

>I'll probably be in Lithuania anyway in the most of July, so from my
>personal point of view it's fine, but I'm wondering what kind of people
>we want to attract--what kind of image we want to give the conference.
>An event in July feels more like something people would do in their
>free time, than something they do professionally. I don't think that
>matters a lot for the true enthusiasts, but for the typical professional
>who is curious about Python or has been adviced to use it etc, it
>might not be so attractive to work at that time of year. Or is it just
>in Sweden that basically all of July is vacation time? Perhaps it's
>more end of July / beginning of August down on the continent?
>2006/9/2, Steve Alexander <steve at canonical.com>:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>There's been some discussion on this list about dates for next years'
>>EuroPython conference, that will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania.
>>Aiste from the team who are organising the conference has asked for the
>>dates to be decided within the next few days, so that they can make firm
>>arrangements with venues and that kind of thing.
>>Aiste originally proposed the dates 25-27 June.  Nicolas Pettiaux, Dario
>>Lopez-Kasten, Gregor Lindl and Valentine Volonghi pointed out that these
>>dates are bad for those with teaching commitments and exams.
>>Python in education is an important topic for EuroPython, so we should
>>choose dates that work in that regard.
>>The following week, 2-4 July, would be possible, but is both difficult
>>for many attendees from the USA, and inconvenient for the organising
>>team in Vilnius.
>>The week following that, 9-11 July, is good for the organising team in
>>Vilnius, and ought to be good also for those from the USA, and those
>>with teaching or exam commitments.
>>So, I propose that EuroPython 2007 in Vilnius be held Monday 9 July to
>>Wednesday 11 July.
>>The EuroPython board will vote on this on Tuesday next week (5
>>September).  Meanwhile, I'd like to hear about any serious objections to
>>these dates.  I'm most interested in issues that apply to broad
>>categories of people, rather than individuals; for example, if the dates
>>are bad for teachers in Europe, or for all French people, and so forth.
>>I'm cc-ing Jim Fulton from the USA and Richard Jones from Australia,
>>both of whom spoke at the last EuroPython.  Jim and Richard, please tell
>>me if the dates would be bad for you or your country-folk.
>>Steve Alexander
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