[EuroPython] Answers to lac's etc questions

Aiste Kesminaite aiste at pov.lt
Wed Apr 4 12:27:54 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

Laura Creighton asked when can we be allowed onto the premises and how
long for we can stay at night.  The answer is that the halls are rented
for 8 hours each day we could also get one of the halls full time if we
pay double for it.

We can have booths in the lobby in front of the big hall but it will
cost us additional 300 Eur per day.

As far as the hotel reservation codes are concerned I will receive a
booking form today where there will be all the needed info.

If anyone have any other venue/location specific questions, feel free to
send them to the list.

Aiste Kesminaite
Managing director, Programmers of Vilnius
Phone: +370 6563 6462
Email: aiste at pov.lt
Web: www.pov.lt

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