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Tue Apr 24 20:47:01 CEST 2007

Hi all,

He're a reminder to submit a talk at EuroPython!

Like each year, we have both the regular conference (see call at
http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceCFA.py?confId=13919) and a somewhat
separated Refereed Papers section.  Here is the call for the latter.

The deadline for both is the 18th of May.


                               EuroPython 2007
                        Vilnius, Lithuania  9-11 July

                          Call for Refereed Papers


EuroPython is the only conference in the Python world that has a
properly prestigious peer-reviewed forum for presenting technical and
scientific papers. Such papers, with advanced and highly innovative
contents, can equally well stem from academic research or industrial
research. We think this is an important function for EuroPython, so we
are even making some grants available to help people with travel costs.

We will be happy to consider papers in subject areas including, but not
necessarily limited to, the following:

    * Python language and implementations
    * Python modules (in the broadest sense)
    * Python extensions
    * Interoperation between Python and other languages / subsystems
    * Scientific applications of Python
    * Python in Education
    * Games
    * Agile Methodologies and Testing
    * Social Skills

We are looking for Python-related scientific and technical papers of
advanced, highly innovative content that present the results of original
research (be it of the academic or "industrial research" kind), with
proper attention to "state of the art" and previous relevant
literature/results (whether such relevant previous literature is itself
directly related to Python or not).

We do not intend to let the specific subject area block a paper's
acceptance, as long as the paper satisfies other requirements:
innovative, Python-related, reflecting original research, with proper
attention to previous literature.


Please submit abstracts of no more than 200 words to the refereeing
committee. You can send submissions no later than 18 May 2007. We shall
inform you whether your paper has been selected and announce the
conference schedule on the 25 May 2007. For all details regarding the
submission of abstracts, please see the EuroPython website
(http://www.europython.org). WARNING: Independently of their topic, all
abstracts must be submitted *in the Refereed Papers track* in order to
be considered by the refereeing committee!

If your abstract is accepted, you must submit your corresponding paper
before 29 June 2006. Last-minute changes will be accepted until the start
of the conference. You should submit the paper as a PDF file, in A4
format, complete, "stand-alone", and readable on any standards-compliant
PDF reader (basically, the paper must include all fonts and figures it
uses, rather than using external pointers to them; by default, most
PDF-preparation programs typically produce such valid "stand-alone" PDF
documents). There are no strict typesetting rules.


The refereeing committee, selected by Armin Rigo, will examine all
abstracts and papers. The committee may consult external experts as it
deems fit. Referees may suggest or require certain changes and editing
in submissions, and make acceptance conditional on such changes being
performed. We expect all papers to reflect the abstract as approved and
reserve the right, at our discretion, to reject a paper, despite having
accepted the corresponding abstract, if the paper does not substantially
correspond to the approved abstract.


The paper must be presented at EuroPython by one or more of the
authors. Presentation time will be between half an hour and an hour,
including time for questions and answers, depending on each paper's
details, and also on the total number of talks approved for


We will publish the conference's proceedings in purely electronic
form. By presenting a paper, authors agree to give the EuroPython
conference non-exclusive rights to publish the paper in electronic forms
(including, but not limited to, partial and total publication on web
sites and/or such media as CDROM and DVD-ROM), and warrant that the
papers are not infringing on the rights of any third parties. Authors
retain all other intellectual property rights on their submitted
abstracts and papers excepting only this non-exclusive license.

Subsidised travel

We have funds available to subsidise travel costs for some presenters
who would otherwise not be able to attend EuroPython. When submitting
your abstract, please indicate if you would need such a subsidy as a
precondition of being able to come and present your paper. (Yes, this
possibility does exist even if you are coming from outside of
Europe. Papers from people in New Zealand who can only come if their
travel is subsidised, for example, would be just fine with us...).


Armin Rigo

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