[EuroPython] [Fwd: Re: Keynote at EuroPython/or recommendations?]

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Fri Apr 27 01:26:27 CEST 2007

On Thu Apr 26 22:11:54 CEST 2007, Laura Creighton wrote:

> In a message of Thu, 26 Apr 2007 19:11:11 +0200, Beatrice Düring writes:

> >I finally recieved an answer from Martin Fowler. He says no but 
> >recommends the following:
> >
> >"If you're interested in talking to someone at ThoughtWorks a good start 
> >would by Duncan Cragg <http://duncan-cragg.org/blog/>. He's very active 
> >with our pythoistas in the UK and worked on a project we did with Django 
> >for Greenpeace."
> >
> >Should I try to contact Duncan?
> > Yes.  The worst thing that could happen is we get 3 keynotes,
> which we could handle.

I've not heard back from Kit Blake about contacting Simon Willison - assuming
I actually sent him an e-mail from work, that is. I'll get in touch with him
directly and see if he's interested.


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