[EuroPython] ZEA at EP : need to attract members and key leaders

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be
Fri Apr 27 10:38:10 CEST 2007

As we discussed in a previous IRC meeting, I contacted Xavier Heymans,
CEO of ZEA-Partners to discuss ZEA participation in Europython and how
to involve it.

Today, Xavier does not have the time to get involved more, and the
participation to the organisation of EP is not high in his priority

It could become and he would help if EP would be a good opportunity to
meet the partners of ZEA, and he suggests that we invite key figures
in the Plone / Zope world to pull other people.

I am still looking forward to get other contacts in the Zope world to
start such a pull.

Who could we get as "Zope / Plone team leader" who could start working
on this subject and attract people he knows well ?


Nicolas Pettiaux - email: nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be

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