[EuroPython] europython-improve list now running

Steve Alexander steve at canonical.com
Thu Aug 9 14:15:50 CEST 2007

Hi EuroPython people,

There's a new mailing list for us to work together on improving
EuroPython, and making it happen next year and in coming years after that.


The list is for discussion, and I'd expect around 15 emails per week,
with peaks and troughs depending on the amount of work we're doing on
EuroPython in a particular week.

So, now we have three EuroPython mailing lists.

 - europython
   For discussion and announcements of EuroPython by attendees,
   speakers and organisers.

 - europython-improve
   For working together on making EuroPython happen.

 - europython-volunteer-announce
   Low volume, completely moderated announce-only mailing list
   with around one email per week or less, for volunteers to
   hear calls to help out with particular tasks.

I encourage anyone who wants to help EuroPython happen next year to join

If you have time to volunteer on one or two specific things, but you
don't know what those would be yet, then join
europython-volunteer-announce, so you can hear calls to help out.

I'm the list administrator for these two lists, so mail me if you have
questions or comments, or you're wondering whether you should subscribe.

Steve Alexander

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