[EuroPython] update of the website to EP2007

Aiste Kesminaite aiste at pov.lt
Thu Jan 18 10:26:14 CET 2007

> Do you have an account yet?  If not, visit
> http://www.europython.org/join_form, sign up and I'll try to remember
> how to give you manager rights....
> > I would welcome the help of anyone who knows CPS better than me,
> Hmm, I guess I can remember a thing or two.  Do you IRC?  I'm usually
> in #europython on freenode, though probably not much in the next few
> days.

I can provide all the needed local info.
Also, I think I sent a photo of Vilnius for the header of the page to
mwh. Do you still have it? Or should I send it again and maybe to
someone else?

Aiste Kesminaite
Managing director, Programmers of Vilnius
Phone: +370 6563 6462
Email: aiste at pov.lt
Web: www.pov.lt

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