[EuroPython] Problem with Somebody's registration.

Aiste Kesminaite aiste at pov.lt
Tue Jul 3 10:20:09 CEST 2007

> I have received a 160 Euro payment from
> UAB Programuotoju Artele
> Sietakausko 30A-17
> Vilnius Lietuva
> The note with it says: for 168
> But #168 is  Viktorija Zaksiene
> who works for Programmers of Vilnius, and
> who has already paid.
> So does anybody know who the extra one is for?

Yes, she paid for her brother and there should be a different ID in
Viktorija's transfer.
POV paid for her personaly.

Aiste Kesminaite
Managing director, Programmers of Vilnius
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