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Alexander Bergolth leo at strike.wu-wien.ac.at
Tue Jun 5 10:43:35 CEST 2007

On 05/31/2007 02:39 PM, fabio.pliger wrote:
>> >This is true, I just spoke to the hotel people. So if this 1 Euro makes
>> > a big difference -- you can reserve the room in the normal way.
> Oh.. of course 1 euro does not make the difference.

For the double room, it's 79 vs 93 Euros and that's quite a big

I sent an email to the hotel and got the following statement:

-------------------- 8< --------------------
> I also aprreciate Your question about the "Early bookers rate". The
> number of rooms for this offer and stay dates are very limited, that
> is why we do not offer this rate for conference delegates.  The other
> thing is that You must make the reservation online, at our website
> and the credit card will be charged in advance without any
> possibilities to change the reservation. That is why I can't amend
> Your earlier booking to EUR 79 rate. If You do want to have the early
> bookers rate You must cancel this reservation and make it online, but
> some of the dates are already closed for this rate. I do honestly
> hope for Your understanding of this situation.
-------------------- 8< --------------------

Looks like this was a misleading bargain offer at the website that they
are not willing to give anyone. Not very honorable for a business hotel

But the early bookers rate disappeared from the hotel website now, so I
guess it's too late anyway.

>> > This is incorrect. The 79 euros price per double is only valid on
>> > weekends, that is Fri-Sun and thus does not really work if you want to
>> > attend the conference.

I didn't get this information from the hotel, see above.

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