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IT Helpdesk Reply arsystem at sunar01p.cern.ch
Tue Jun 5 13:52:30 CEST 2007

For information, following is a copy of the reply that was sent to:
       User (sirexas at gmail.com )
by Thomas Baron.

Reply to User:
Iforward your email to Europython organisers.
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Details of the initial report are given below.
Case Summary: Re: [Indico] Login Information 
Case Description:
 I have registered to EuroPython 2007 conference. During registration
 there was appeared an error, but I got letter with information, that
 registration was successful.
 Before paying money for conferece I just wanted to ensure that my
 registration is really successful.
 I received this registration ID: c13919r19
 On 2007-06-05 12:01, Indico Mailer wrote:
 > Please, find your login and password:
 > ==================
 > system:Nice
 > Login:sirexas at gmail.com
 > Password: Sorry, you are using your NICE credentials to login into Indico. Please contact the CERN helpdesk in case you do not remember your password (helpdesk at cern.ch).
 > ==================
 Mantas aka sirex
 Ubuntu - Linux for human beings
 From:    sirexas at gmail.com
 To:      helpdesk at cern.ch
 Date:    Tue, 5 Jun 2007 13:20:17 +0300
 Subject: Re: [Indico] Login Information 

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