[EuroPython] registration INFRAE people

Isabel de Pater isabel at infrae.com
Tue Jun 5 17:21:24 CEST 2007

This afternoon all the Infrae people registered for the Europython 
Conference in July.

Registrant ID 76   Kit Blake (speaker)
Registrant ID 74   Eric Casteleijn
Registrant ID 73   Wim Boucquaert
Registrant ID 72   Jasper Op de Coul
Registrant ID 71   Todd Matsumoto

There were two mistakes made during registration:
- Todd Matsumoto accidentally forgot to register as an Early Bird; 
meaning now he has to pay 160EUR instead of 100EUR
- Jasper Op de Coul misunderstood the conference dinnerpart of the 
registration. He doesn't have a guest but thought he had to mark the 
"number of guests" in order to register himself for the dinner. So here 
he would pay 35EUR too much.
He also has to be an early NORMAL registrant.

Could you please make sure all of the above registrants are Early Bird 
without guests, with conference dinner for the registrant only. Execpt 
for Kit Blake (speaker) all the registrants are NORMAL.

In order to be an early registrant, I have to make the registration 
payments before June 8th.
I will make the payments immediately. For your information: I will pay 
5x 100EUR - including the registrants ID nr and name.

I'm sorry for the mistakes.

Kind regards,

Isabel de Pater

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