[EuroPython] New registrant in 'EuroPython 2007': Mr. THEUNE, Christian

Marco Mariani marco.mariani at prometeia.it
Mon Jun 11 11:22:45 CEST 2007

Aiste Kesminaite ha scritto:

> Did you get a reply from the hotel? Because the form you forwarded to
> the list is just a conference registration form and does not really book
> you a room in the hotel.

By the way, should the hotel give me a feedback for my registration?
I've sent them a fax with credit card details (days 6 to 15), but got no 
reply and my e-mails have bounced some day later due to DNS problems.

I know, I can phone, I just wanted to warn some of you that could have 
booked by email.. they could be bounced too

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