[EuroPython] Timetable

Beatrice Düring bea at changemaker.nu
Thu Jun 14 17:01:52 CEST 2007

Hi there

M.-A. Lemburg skrev:
> Thanks for putting up a timetable draft. I have a few questions
> regarding the table and talks in general:
Great - shoot!
> Have you already decided on the duration of the various talk slots ?
> It looks a lot like the talks have to fit into 30 minutes.
The overall majority of talks are 30 minutes, a few ones are longer than 
that - there for scheduled
over two talkslots.
> I'd also like to suggest that some of the day 2 talks be moved
> to day 1 - day 2 appears packed with talks, whereas day 1 sometimes
> has two Open Space sessions in parallel.
I agree that it does look a bit weird but it was done on purpose - we 
are having discussions
with last minute interesting speakers and wanted to have spare room to 
add them.

We will make an update to the schedule during the upcoming week 
hopefully and will take this into account.
> BTW, If you need more talks, I could offer to do one of my past EPC
> talks again.
Please enlighten me - those would be what kind of talks?

Thanks for getting back to us!


> Cheers,

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