[EuroPython] Timetable

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Jun 15 00:18:31 CEST 2007

On Thursday 14 June 2007 17:32, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> The timetable should probably include this information somewhere.

I've transcribed the timetable in Indico where some degree of tentative timing 
information is provided. And to think that I said I wouldn't get involved 
with the timetable... ;-)



> I've done these a couple of times already, but the topics are popular:
> "Designing Unicode-aware Applications in Python"
> Present ways of designing Python applications to be Unicode-aware from
> ground up; issues with auto-conversion, detection of character sets, ways
> to deal with storage of Unicode data (in databases, text files,
> spreadsheets, etc.); present the idea of an online translation manager that
> collects string to be translated and provides ways to have them translated
> to various languages
> Around 45 minutes with discussions.
> "Developing large-scale applications in Python"
> Python is used as scripting or glueing language in many different areas.
> It's usefulness as main implementation language for large-scale
> applications is often underestimated. The talk will demonstrate that Python
> is in fact an ideal basis for developing complete applications - regardless
> of the size of the project or its complexity.
> Around 60 minutes with discussions.

It seems to me that "with discussions" these talks might work well as Open 
Space sessions or even in some kind of panel or tutorial format, but that 
would involve more preparation, I guess.


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