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On 2007-06-16 07:33, Beatrice Düring wrote:
> Hi there
> Paul Boddie skrev:
>> On Thursday 14 June 2007 17:32, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>>> The timetable should probably include this information somewhere.
>> I've transcribed the timetable in Indico where some degree of
>> tentative timing information is provided. And to think that I said I
>> wouldn't get involved with the timetable... ;-)
>> http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=13919&showDate=all&showSession=all&detailLevel=contribution&viewMode=room
>> [...]
> Thanks!

Thanks from here as well. It looks a lot more informative now.

>>> I've done these a couple of times already, but the topics are popular:
>>> "Designing Unicode-aware Applications in Python"
>>> Present ways of designing Python applications to be Unicode-aware from
>>> ground up; issues with auto-conversion, detection of character sets,
>>> ways
>>> to deal with storage of Unicode data (in databases, text files,
>>> spreadsheets, etc.); present the idea of an online translation
>>> manager that
>>> collects string to be translated and provides ways to have them
>>> translated
>>> to various languages
>>> Around 45 minutes with discussions.
>>> "Developing large-scale applications in Python"
>>> Python is used as scripting or glueing language in many different areas.
>>> It's usefulness as main implementation language for large-scale
>>> applications is often underestimated. The talk will demonstrate that
>>> Python
>>> is in fact an ideal basis for developing complete applications -
>>> regardless
>>> of the size of the project or its complexity.
>>> Around 60 minutes with discussions.
>> It seems to me that "with discussions" these talks might work well as
>> Open Space sessions or even in some kind of panel or tutorial format,
>> but that would involve more preparation, I guess.
>> Paul
> I talked to Samuele and this was our conclusion also. If you could try
> to find an updated angle
> with some prepared discussion topics we would recommend to have this as
> a preannounced
> Open Space session during day 1.
> The abstracts (adjusted with the discussion topics) would be published
> on the Open Space part of the
> EP 2007 wiki.
> How does this sound?

Thanks, but I'm not really looking for more work :-). This was
just a suggestion in case you have a need for more regular

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