[EuroPython] EuroPython 2007 talk funding application

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Thu Jun 21 20:56:14 CEST 2007

I'll deal with this.  I thought that europython-sponsorship was
a list for people getting companies like Google to spnsor
Europython, not people wanting sponsorship.  If there are any
more people like this on that list which I am not reading,
can you send them all over to me as well?


In a message of Thu, 21 Jun 2007 18:43:18 +0200, Christopher Arndt writes:
>(I have originally sent this to europython-sponsorship at python.org, but
>since I didn't get an answer yet and the time left for making travel
>arrangements is short, I'm sending this to the list in the hope of
>getting a quick answer.)
>To Whom It May Concern,
>my name is Christopher Arndt and I have proposed a talk for EuroPython
>2007 ("Building a next-generation TurboGears web application") which has
>been accepted.
>I would very much like to come to the conference and deliver the talk,
>but I have not completed the registration yet, since in my present
>situation I can't personally afford the expenses connected with
>attending (i.e. travel costs, accommodation in Vilnius and the
>registration fee). My own single-entrepreneur business is still young
>and so I'm on a tight budget.
>Before withdrawing my talk proposal, I would like to ask you, the
>EuroPython organizing committee, if there is the possibility of (partly)
>funding my talk by you, for example by waiving the registration fee.
>I have also approached members of the TurboGears community for
>sponsorship of my talk, since all-in-all the flight (from Cologne,
>Germany to Kaunas/Vilnius), the registration fee (100 EUR) and some
>modest accommodation would come to about 500 EUR.
>I would be very much obliged if you are able to provide some funding.
>Also, for the purpose of organizing my trip it would be very helpful if
>you could give me your general decision about my funding application as
>soon as possible.
>Kind regards,
>Christopher Arndt
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