[EuroPython] moving forward -- IRC meeting 7th March?

Harald Armin Massa haraldarminmassa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 09:45:54 CET 2007

Hello Bea, Michael and all EuroPythonistas!

> As such, we think we should have a meeting in #europython on freenode on
> Wednesday the 7th of March at 18:00 central european time.

I will not be able to attend that meeting, as I will be within a very
firewalled and portblocked and webfiltered environment (no, it's not prison,
but a very nice and friendly customer)

> People shouldn't wait until then to say that they are interested in
> chairing a track though :-)  Getting some kind of discussion going here
> would hardly be a bad thing... for instance, what tracks should we have this
> year?

Eagerly I volunteer to be the *Conférencier* for Ligthning talks and
everything that needs somebody with a loud and clear voice and the
willingness to be a clown if necessary :)

If needed, I am willing to serve as a a trackchair.


sidenote: google mail picked out the meeting text from mwhs mail and
offerend me to add that meeting to my calender ... I AM SHOCKED. Who does
work on the semantic web anymore...
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