[EuroPython] moving forward -- IRC meeting 7th March?

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be
Mon Mar 5 22:17:58 CET 2007

2007/2/28, Paul Boddie <paul at boddie.org.uk>:

> I think we really need to establish and publish a timeline.

yes, this is necessary, as soon as possible.

Based on last year version of the wiki, I have worked on



http://wiki.python.org/moin/EuroPython/2007 for the organizers.

There you'll find other pages to help prepare the ircmeetings and
other points. I haven't so far had time to work on a timeline (that I
wanted to copy and adapt from last year) also because the
wiki has a very slow response time). Does anyone knows what could
happen and who to contact to let the problem be known and checked ?
(the problem could be on my side, but I do not have any other problem
with Internet)

> As was noted last
> year, there's a lot of stuff which can happily go on in parallel with the
> organisation of the local details, and people need help in deciding whether
> they're going to be doing a talk, how long they have to prepare for it, how
> long they can hold off before registering, and so on (hoping that we don't
> get a lot of warmed up talks from PyCon, incidentally).
> > As such, we think we should have a meeting in #europython on freenode on
> > Wednesday the 7th of March at 18:00 central european time.
> That wouldn't fit in with my schedule, but I'd gladly volunteer to be a
> general Web monkey like last year, especially if it dampens down the debate
> about which Web publishing solution gets used.

As I wrote, I proposed to switch from CPS (that I do not know) to
Plone (that I know enough to work with, as wrote another person from
the list too). I won't debate on that further than to let know that I
can help if EP uses Plone and would not if it does not. And I think
that if we change now, before too much new content goes into the new
site, it should not be very difficult.


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