[EuroPython] website hosting / moving forward...

Matthew Bull matt at bulls.mine.nu
Tue Mar 6 20:09:35 CET 2007

Hi Nicholas / List,

There are a couple of specialist zope / plone companies you could
approach or we (TeleMedic Systems) have a spare server we could let
europython use in return for a sponsor credit... the advantage to the
later is I would have 24/7 physical access to the box and we would have
a complete server to play with.... I've done plone installs in the past
(we use plone fairly heavily internally) but have never used ZEO so may
need a little advice on that (seeing as how europython seems to be part
eurozope these days surely there is someone with some experience of this
to advise, when I get stuck ;-) the only outstanding issue is
integration with Indico (if thats whats being used this year) and the
payment system...

My apologies but I can't make the IRC meet tomorrow (I'll be on a plane)
and will be off the grid for the next week (all bar my mobile) but I'll
touch base with you all when I get back...

Hoping we can help take this forward.


(sorry if your getting this twice nicholas, python.org doesn't seem to
like out SMTP server!!)

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 18:41 +0100, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> 2007/3/6, Harald Armin Massa <haraldarminmassa at gmail.com>:
> > As I counted the votes, there was absolute agreement: change to
> > fits your needs.
> >
> > My understanding was that the "switch to Plone" was decided, as
> > contradicted.  It was also decided to try to use ZEO below that Zope
> > is below that Plone.
> yes, but I do not have the time *and* all the needed competencies
> personnally to go alone in that direction (aka install and feed
> plone), and I have written to the hoster who were supposed to provide
> ZEO but I haven't got any answer so far. So I cannot do anything.
> I could offer a plone site on my personnal plone but this does not
> have ZEO behind.
> > What else has to happen? Who can make that "else" happen so you can
> > using Plone?
> anyone who can provide an effective contact where I can install plone
> on zope with zeo and provide some technical help.
> Otherwise, I'll go on putting stuff in the wiki and let other people
> who can cope with CPS, like Paul, do that work. This is OK for me but
> a little time comsuming as 2 people are needed to publish nes material
> and content.
> Thanks,
> Nicolas
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