[EuroPython] website hosting / moving forward...

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed Mar 7 01:07:02 CET 2007

On Tuesday 06 March 2007 20:09, Matthew Bull wrote:
> Hi Nicholas / List,
> There are a couple of specialist zope / plone companies you could
> approach or we (TeleMedic Systems) have a spare server we could let
> europython use in return for a sponsor credit... the advantage to the
> later is I would have 24/7 physical access to the box and we would have
> a complete server to play with....

This is a generous offer, and I'll leave it to the official organisers to 
decide whether a switch to Plone and to such an environment is desirable. 
However, I stand by what I wrote before about having the site ready very soon 
- such a switch may be a delaying factor, and I don't really think we have 
very long before the visibility of the conference has to be increased, talk 
submissions solicited, and so on.

> I've done plone installs in the past 
> (we use plone fairly heavily internally) but have never used ZEO so may
> need a little advice on that (seeing as how europython seems to be part
> eurozope these days surely there is someone with some experience of this
> to advise, when I get stuck ;-) the only outstanding issue is
> integration with Indico (if thats whats being used this year) and the
> payment system...

Note that Indico does "E-Payment" in the registration now (see the 3rd August 
2006 update):


I see that EuroPython has to use its own Indico server this time around:


And I suppose the details of the 2006 conference will remain where they are 
for the foreseeable future. I guess the details of previous conferences are 
archived somewhere.

> My apologies but I can't make the IRC meet tomorrow (I'll be on a plane)
> and will be off the grid for the next week (all bar my mobile) but I'll
> touch base with you all when I get back...
> Hoping we can help take this forward.

Within my own time constraints (which are hopefully fairly slack) I'm happy to 
work on either CPS or Plone, and I can do this more or less immediately. I 
would like to know what the concrete reasons for a switch are, however. Are 
we actually planning more functionality or do people just dislike CPS? Will 
the current hosting go away? Are the people wanting to switch actually going 
to work on content? If people have "PyCon envy" (nice schedule pop-ups which 
has me chasing them around in one of my browsers before they disappear) it's 
arguably getting quite late to think about developing fancy conference 
software even though it's all supposedly so easy in Python.

A perusal of this thread may be instructive:


Remember that this discussion took place a bit earlier last year and ended up 
settling on using the same software again (in an uneasy silence).


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