[EuroPython] Paper recommendations from last conference

Tennessee Leeuwenburg tennessee at tennessee.id.au
Wed Mar 14 01:06:59 CET 2007

To whom it may concern,

Tennessee here. I am the Editor-In-Chief of The Python Papers, a free online
journal covering Python topics.

As you may recall my having mentioned, Maurice Ling <mauriceling at acm.org> is
currently performing a review of Python-related papers published in the last
year from major conferences and other publications. As none of the people
involved with The Python Papers were present at EuroPython, we are not
familiar with what was published and are not able to review every paper
submitted during the conference. In order to assist him in his work, it
would be great if anyone involved with last year's EuroPython could
recommend 1 to 3 papers for him to review.

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