[EuroPython] "Themes" instead of tracks - please feedback?

Beatrice Düring bea at changemaker.nu
Wed Mar 14 21:06:34 CET 2007

Hi there

After todays EP2007 meeting on #europython Laura, Michael and I 
discussed the
track situation for the upcoming conference.
The following dilemmas were identified:

- last year had lots of great talks - but maybe too many talks and no 
room for
socializing and discussing - the idea was to have an Open Space to mend this
- we are still missing track chairs for the web track and need co-chair 
help with the language/lib track
- if we want to have proposals for education/methodology/social
and separate tracks for science and refereed papers then we would have
again the risk of too many tracks and the difficulty of handling talks 
that land "in between" tracks
- PyCon does not have tracks - rather rooms that proposed talks were 
grouped into sessions
(very much what happened at last years EuroPython)

So - after some discussions we cooked up the following idea:

- we do not announce tracks, instead we choose and describe a selection of
"themes" that we describe in the Call for Proposal
("themes" could be mixes of science/language-lib/web framworks/

- the "themes" would have the purpose of inspiring and guiding submissions
and would make selection of proposals easier than having no guideline at all

- we can then form a "program group" where people interested in helping out
with reviewing talks join in - sharing the "chairing", groups sessions 
based on accepted
proposals and work out who hosts the different
sessions when the conference is underway

We would very much like to have your feedback on this - ok/not ok and if 
so why?




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