[EuroPython] "Themes" instead of tracks - please feedback?

Aiste Kesminaite aiste at pov.lt
Thu Mar 15 15:59:18 CET 2007

> - we do not announce tracks, instead we choose and describe a selection of
> "themes" that we describe in the Call for Proposal
> ("themes" could be mixes of science/language-lib/web framworks/
> games/education/methodology)
> - the "themes" would have the purpose of inspiring and guiding submissions
> and would make selection of proposals easier than having no guideline at all
> - we can then form a "program group" where people interested in helping out
> with reviewing talks join in - sharing the "chairing", groups sessions 
> based on accepted
> proposals and work out who hosts the different
> sessions when the conference is underway

I think that's a good idea seeing how it eliminates the problem of
fitting talks into tracks and having to have misfits track and so on.

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