[EuroPython] notes from 3rd irc meeting (2007-03-21)

Michael Hudson micahel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 12:25:36 CET 2007

Here are the notes from the meeting two nights back.

Also online at http://codespeak.net/svn/user/mwh/ep2007/meeting-notes-2007-03-21.html

Some of the notes are a little out of date already, but I'll address
that in a followup.


EuroPython planning meeting #3

:When: 18:00, 2007-03-21
:Where: #europython
:Who: arigo, mwh, bea, pedronis, lac (aiste sent her apologies; she was ill)

The agenda was at

1. State of Call for Proposals:

- adjusted version ready on the wiki, using the "themes" as was
  discussed on the mailinglist

- needs some "shrinking" so it is less wordy, hacking done after the
  meeting (move text of lightning taks and open space to separate

- send out on friday after some more indico work has been done by mwh

- also people signed up for the program at europython.org, the group
  sharing responsibility for all talks and sessions. Current people
  are people that have expressed an interest in track chairing or
  partly track chair.  mwh will set up the list and email the people
  we felt had signed up for this.

2. Fees:

- because Aiste could not participate in this meeting no costs for
  catering, eastern europe information regarding grants was reported.
  This point is postponed until after 14-15th of April (deadline for
  opening registration is 1st of May) which is when the RuPy
  conference takes place.  We will look at their fall out and pricing
  and by that time we should also have a clear picture of all costs.

- we will however publish the 100 euro normal registration fee on the
  website so that people will have some reference information.

3. Keynotes:

- people are still "trawling" for keynotes: Bea within the agile
- lac, bea and mwh discussed after the meeting various
  ideas of people.
- lac said she'd ask the list for ideas.

4. Sponsors:

- we are seeking a person responsible for the sponsor work (contacting
  and recruiting sponsors) (mwh to ask Paul Everitt and ZEA partners
  if they can help out or know people that could help out)

- is Google interested in sponsoring this year as well? mwh to ask
  Bene to check this out.

- bea will check with Steve Holden if he has any ideas of sponsors or
  people helping with sponsor contacts

5. PSF offer to help Europython

- mwh recieved mail from PSF asking what kind of help the PSF could
  offer EP2007

- some ideas was discussed in the meeting:
  - financial backing
  - sharing of sponsor details
  - grants and support for flight tickets and such for people wanting
to join from the US
  - represent/participate at EP 2007 with a booth

- mwh to summarize these ideas and email back to them - asking if they
  want to continue the dialogue on the PSF mailinglist

6. Next meeting:

- this was provisionally decided for "same time next week",
  i.e. 2007-03-28 18:00

- but we will try to ask on the mailinglist for a better time when
  Harald, Nicolas and others might be able to participate

- in an attempt to be more organized, there's a placeholder page for
  an agenda here:

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