[EuroPython] Videostreamin' ?

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Mon May 7 13:01:10 CEST 2007

Hi there!

I wanted to propose to stream parts of the conference live via internet 
and eventually Second Life. I'd bring the camera anyway and streaming 
can be done either via http://ustream.tv (very easy setup, just plugin 
the camera and click the Record button, flash plugin) and/or via 
Quicktime Streaming Server. The latter would be needed for livestreaming 
it into Second Life (which I would take care of).

The advantages

- possibility for people who cannot attend to attend virtually
- marketing for Python (if there are enough viewers then ustream.tv 
might put this stream also on the frontpage)
- if we do Second Life we might get some blog and link love from the 
Second Life community.
- feedback from the outside. For each ustream channel there is an IRC 
channel and a Java applet attached to the stream (plus you can also show 
the stream on your own page via embed). In Second Life people could do 
the same.

What is needed?

- best would be a network cable (wifi was too flaky at the Plone 
conference) and a power connection for laptop and camera
- for Quicktime it would be cool if somebody could provide a server with 
Darwin Streaming Server installed. ustream.tv should work out of the box 
but cannot be shown in Second Life. This server should have a good 
connection of course (I had problems with my Strato server back then 
when I did this in Seattle for the Plone Conference)

What I would do

- setup the location in Second Life, do the Second Life marketing (I'd 
need a press release)
- setup ustream channel etc.
- do the work at the conference (help would be appreciated though)

Unfortunately one can only do one thing, stream to ustream or Second 
Life. If we want to do both, we'd need 2 cameras and 2 laptops.
OTOH if we do quicktime we can do both, Second Life and webpage, but QT 
seems usually a bit flaky and might not always work while flash video 
seems more stable to me.

So the question is, if there is interest. For the Plone conference at 
least there was interest and we also had some visitors at the Second 
Life booth and I know that people wanted to watch it at least via the 
web (and unfortunately it did not always work).

If there is interest, I'd be happy to do that but of course any help 
would be greatly appreciated.



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