[EuroPython] Registration Preparations

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue May 8 01:33:30 CEST 2007


I have been making preparations for the opening of registration, following the 
schedule as closely as possible. However, before we actually open 
registration a few things need finalising:

  * Payment information - this may need reviewing both on the Web site and in
    the Indico e-payments module.

    IBAN: SE76 8000 0810 5903 7676 5343
    Bank Name: Swedbank
    Bank Address: 105 34 Stockholm
    Bank Country: Sweden
    Recipient Name: Europython Society
    Recipient Address: c/o AB Strakt, Norra Ågatan 10, SE-416 64 Göteborg,

  * Any objections to the fees need to be made. See the following page for


  * The special accommodation details need clarifying: a form (an Excel
    original, I believe, plus something like PDF) was mentioned, but a booking
    code for the hotel site was also considered a possibility.

  * An audit of the Indico registration is needed. Benedikt?!

A few other things:

  * The Call For Sponsors should be issued soon - this needs reviewing, then
    pushing out via the usual channels:


  * We need a keynote speaker announcement - the Web site has a small news
    item ready with details of GvR plus keynote #1, but what about keynote #2?
    (Pictures of keynotes #1 and #2 are sought. We could also just push out
    the Web version, but it wouldn't be as nice as a proper announcement.)

  * A registration announcement is needed. However, it may be acceptable to
    just adapt the Web version when it gets published since it's quite

Your thoughts?


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