[EuroPython] Registration Status

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Wed May 9 01:07:53 CEST 2007


The preparations for registration are mostly complete. Here is what has been 
done (with links for CPS users):

  * Registration information has been updated and made ready on the site:


  * Payment information has been updated and is ready in Indico and on the
    site for the "pay later" (ie. after registration) option. Benedikt will
    fill in the remaining details for e-payments in Indico tomorrow.


  * No-one has contested the fees, but there's still time. ;-)


  * Special accommodation details are ready on the site. These will be
    published when registration opens, unless someone thinks that they can be
    published immediately (or as soon as I can manage it). People tell me that
    the 50 room figure was a commitment, not a limit - if there's no real or
    clear limit, we should find out soon so that the registration process
    doesn't scare people with a rapidly decreasing number (like last year).


  * Benedikt has been checking the Indico stuff and seems to be satisfied.
    Thanks go to him for doing the scary technical stuff in this department!

If all goes well, we should be pushing out the registration, payment and 
special accommodation pages to the site fairly soon (perhaps within 24 hours) 
and switching on the registration parts of Indico. Then it'll be time to 
announce registration in all the usual places:


Following on from the last message, comments on the Call For Sponsors, as well 
as any pictures and details of keynote speakers are still very welcome.


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