[EuroPython] Talk submission

Stefano Masini stefano.masini at pragma2000.com
Fri May 18 21:06:37 CEST 2007


I know I'm terribly late, but I would like to submit a talk, and
Indico won't send me a reminder email for my account. I'll try again
early tomorrow morning... but just in case, here it is the abstract:

A practical example of Test Driven Development for a GUI using wxPython

I will show a step by step example of building a small user interface
using wxPython.
The example will only be marginally related to wxPython itself and,
even though previous
background won't be necessary, it'll be explained only as much as
necessary to understand
the rest of the talk. The goal is to show the practice of Test Driven
Development. The
code will follow the Model View Controller pattern and testing will be
making use of
mock objects, in order to simulate the View.

Stefano Masini

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