[EuroPython] More talks/Agile activities?

Beatrice Düring bea at changemaker.nu
Mon May 28 10:25:06 CEST 2007

Hi there

Even though I have not been able to participate in the last couple of EP 
meetings I have been chasing
around the Agile community for people to invite (as keynotes and/or 
other speakers). Many people
are busy though because the two main Agile conferences are also in 

I have though been able to get Arlo Belshee interested in visiting us, 
he is very active and renowned
"hands-on" Agile person as well as being a Python (py.test ;-) user ;-) 
We met last year and started talking about
what the two communities could learn from each other (Python 
OSS/Agile).....He is now interested in joining us in Vilnius and
is offering the following ideas:


I'm certainly interested.

How much agile experience do the Europython attendees have? I'd be happy to
talk about Promiscuous Pairing, although I gave a talk on that topic two
years ago at Agile 2005. It's also an intermediate-level topic. So the talk
would be less interesting to those who may have seen it before, or for those
who are not yet ready for it.

That said, It's a great topic, and I'd be happy to talk on it.

I'd be happy to do a "what we should steal from each other" between Python /
OSS and Agile / Commercial dev. I am not the world's foremost expert in this
field, but I've got some insights that I'd love to share.

Also, over the next few days, I'll reflect on my recent experience and give
you a list of other talk titles that you may find interesting. I'll get you
that list by Tuesday morning. I'm happy to give any number of talks - if I'm
not talking in a room, I'll be talking with people in the halls or doing
Open Space, Code Dojo, and Lightning Talks.

I had considered a running couple of activities for Agile 2007, but didn’t
have the time last winter to put them together. Would there be interest at
Europython for "Exercises in Agile"? I'll put together a list while I'm
thinking on talk ideas. If you're interested, I'll send them along on


So question is - are we interested? Not as a keynote but offering agile 
hands-on talks and activities to the conference ?

I would like to have his trip and accommodation reimbursed for his 
participation if so - is this possible?

And regarding Nicolas question about amount of talks - are there other 
cross-community people we could invite
and have them talk/open space activities as well? Other language 
communities and core people of interest
to Python users? And maybe this is a more hands-on value than just 
having keynotes (although they attract people)....



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