[EuroPython] Interested in giving a keynote at Europython 2007 in Vilnius?

Steve Alexander steve at canonical.com
Tue May 29 11:12:04 CEST 2007

Hi David,

> Yes, I can still do it but only on the first day or possibly on the
> morning of the second (11th).

You mean the 10th here, right?

> I would fly in on the 8th and out on the
> 10th (to Paris).
> If you can still do it please be faster than me since I need to book the
> flights/trains (for paris home) ASAP.

I just checked with the other organisers, and this is all fine.  We can
arrange something that works with the dates and times.

We have two keynote speakers arranged already.  One of them is Guido van
Rossum, and while his speech is important, it always has the same
content and perspective on the recent past and future of Python
development.  So this year, we'd like to have two other perspectives as
keynotes at the conference.

Welcome to EuroPython as a keynote speaker!

Steve Alexander

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