[EuroPython] Reality Check in Winter

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 21:57:04 CET 2007

Yo EuroFolk! (Volk or whatever)...  Just thought I'd drop in from a
frosty Pacific coastal rain forest, heavy into chip fab, to ask about
the state of the web framework as of today.

We know we don't want to go with CERN's again right? as it depended
too much on specific inhouse assumptions.

Event planners need to just throw a lot of ad hoc SQL at a back end
and get meaningful results -- very open architecture in other words.

I'm in the process of using Pycon's front end for Chicago in March of
2008 and am so far finding the workflow fairly smooth, even as they
wire out a few kinks.

There's a process whereby paper and tutorial submissions happen
through the framework, as does the reviewer process (I don't know of
any outcomes yet).

One of the reviewers (# 5) of my 30-45 minute talk proposal posted a
note readable by me, saying to delete my given name from the prose
writeup, as we're in an anonymous phase of the process.  I did so

Anyway, the economist in me says why not investigate cloning the
source from Pycon, forking if necessary, but perhaps blowing an even
bigger balloon to hand on to some next conference?

Or perhaps Django doesn't have enough friends in Europe, I really
don't know.  There's something to be said for choosing from competing

How far down the decision tree have you gotten I wonder?  Still up in
the relational versus object oriented clouds, as in MySQL vs ZODB?

In that case, I'd suggest descending the executive tree a few notches,
in the interests of getting going.

On the other hand, maybe you've already finished the job and I'm just
too out of the loop to know about it.

Kirby Urner
Portland, Oregon
Europythons:  Göteberg 05, Vilnius 07

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