[EuroPython] Reality Check in Winter

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Wed Nov 28 00:31:50 CET 2007


So here is my $0.02 for that front page :-)

(not sure this was the right thread)

First of all the question is for whom that web site is and I think we 
have some audiences here:

- people new to EuroPython, maybe even Python, might want to know what it is
- regular visitors of EP, they know what it is but want to get details 
about the next one and esp. want to register for it.
- people registered for the conference. They want more detailed 
information such as accomodation, how to actually get there and of 
course the program.

Most of that stuff does not really cry for a wiki IMHO but more for a 
design agency trying to address at least the 2 first groups (for those 
the site needs to be directly approachable, they need to figure out how 
to get that information or how to register quickly. Thus a clear 
call-to-action. The last group already paid money and thus they migth be 
more willing to look for the information they need which does not mean 
that it should be awkwardly hidden somewhere but that the two first 
groups should have priority in placing the links and/or buttons 
(actually I like big Register-here buttons)

As for the content I see two fields here:

- general information such as accomodation and travelling as well
   as pricing information etc. Maybe also some news section ("We got XXX 
to hold a keynote")

- more dynamic information such as talks and especially sprints, 
lightning talks etc.

for the latter I would see a wiki (talks probably coming from some sort 
of database), for the first part more some sort of CMS (as you might 
know I would say Plone but the people putting in that general 
information should maybe choose. I heard there have been problems with 
Plone in the past, so it's maybe not the right choice but I would like 
to know more about these problems as we should solve user problems ;-) )
But regardless what system I think that esp. the homepage should not be 
changeable by anybody. Actually I think it should contain more graphics 
and should contain the most important parts prominently(what is it and 
how to register). The rest can then be on sub pages.

Another nice thing would be some sort of archive of the last EuroPython 
maybe with photos, videos, links to blog post (we need to blog more 
anyway) and so on. I think somebody showed something at the last EP on 
how it could look but basically it's importing some RSS feeds (and maybe 
converting these to content on the site so this information does not go 
away should the RSS feed die). But this point is just some icing if 
somebody feels enlighted to do it.

As for the wiki and spam, what about limiting editing functionality to 
those registered? I mean all this stuff does not necessarily need to be 
edited by anybody. Of course some system to only store this list of 
people in one place without manual copying would be the best option here.

Oh, and I think we should do something about the design as it looks a 
bit aged IMHO. I would even like a new logo but not sure how hard it 
would be to do one or to decide on one (same with design in general).

And looking at e.g. http://en.oreilly.com/rails2008/public/content/home
some call for talks would probably also be important to have now (or in 
general a Call for participation in a prominent spot).

(as for sponsoring some design I might think of doing that if there is 
some consensus on what to do)

Ok, that much for my $0.02 :-)

-- Christian

Paul Boddie schrieb:
> On Monday 26 November 2007 21:57:04 kirby urner wrote:
>>Yo EuroFolk! (Volk or whatever)...  Just thought I'd drop in from a
>>frosty Pacific coastal rain forest, heavy into chip fab, to ask about
>>the state of the web framework as of today.
> We're currently discussing stuff on the europython-improve list which was set 
> up after the conference but which has been quiet for quite some time:
> http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/europython-improve
> You're welcome to join! My suggestion is to go with a Wiki for the main Web 
> site, and to let those with stronger opinions figure out how they want to do 
> registration and the talk management. ;-)
> It's interesting to hear of your experiences with the PyCon systems, though.
> [...]
>>Kirby Urner
>>Portland, Oregon
>>Europythons:  Göteberg 05, Vilnius 07
> Perhaps we should have badges or medals for display to other conference 
> participants, showing which of the previous conferences we've been to. :-)
> Paul
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