[EuroPython] Summary of undelivered emails: Tue Apr 8 14:31:26 2008 - Tue Apr 8 14:31:26 2008

SAGATOR mailer vscan at mail.amdsl.sk
Wed Apr 9 05:08:41 CEST 2008

This email is automaticcaly generated by SAGATOR.
It contains summary of emails, which has been rejected or dropped.

---------------------[ beginning of report ]--------------------------------

  1. Sender:     service at paypal.com []
     Recipients: europium at 2xing.com,europr at 36900.com,eurosales at accipiter.com,eurosales at actiontec.com,eurosales at adtron.com,eurorecruiting at amazon.com,eurori at amazon.com,eurorjs at aol.com,eurosales at artesia.com,eurosales at boats.com,euro-scm at cisco.com,europsych at egroups.com,europublicity at epitaph.com,euroresi at euroresidentes.com,europicos at hangame.com,eurosa at hao6.com,eurosales at hayes.com,europsych at human-nature.net,euroschools at moriartys.com,euroren at netscape.com,europython at python.org,eurosales at real.com,eurosales at yachtworld.com,europreacher at yahoo.com,eurosclaim2005 at yahoo.com
     Date:       Tue Apr  8 14:31:26 2008
     Status:     SPAM DROPPED [SpamAssassinD()=3.15]
     Qname:      /tmp/quarantine/200804/qm-20080408-143126-0

--------------------------------------[ end of report ]---------------------

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