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John Pinner funthyme at gmail.com
Wed May 28 00:34:53 CEST 2008

2008/5/27 Harald Armin Massa <haraldarminmassa at gmail.com>:
> Kirby,
>> Not boasting my social skills obviously, but I am seconding the idea
>> the Microsoft might be pleased for an invitation to sponsor, doesn't
>> mean Euros can't stay militantly anti-patent or whatever.

Microsoft sponsored PyCon UK last year. They were enthusiastic and
helpful, unlike certain other large corporations.. Knowing my views on
proprietary software, it may surprise you to hear me say this.

> I especially brought up this idea to avoid being called a Google Show.
> As much as I like and prefer the big G, competition is healthy esp. in
> the job market :)

They aren't necessarily the cuddly company people would have you
believe. Any monopoly is a 'bad thing', especially when they're
collecting all that personal data.

> Can you point out the sponsorship to Jim and ask him to pass it to
> someone doing this kind of stuff?

Jim doesn't answer (read?) his emails! However we did make personal
contact at PyCon US, and his family situation is such that he plans to
make only one trip outside the US this year, so we're unlikely to get
him. I believe his one trip will be a visit Microsoft's lab at
Cambridge at some time, if that coincides with a conference there's a

Probably the best place to get Microsoft sponsorship is with the local
MS operation, wherever that is: they will be the ones with the
marketing budget. For PyCon UK we got in touch with (relatively)
random people at MS UK until they passed us to the right person.

> Again question to the list: who knows someone at Y and Amazon?

Not me.


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