[EuroPython] How to get all the variables in a python shell

ri at eeda.denso.co.jp ri at eeda.denso.co.jp
Thu May 29 07:24:05 CEST 2008

I'm currently working on a scientific computation software built in python.
What I want to implement is a Matlab style command window <-> workspace interaction.
For example, you type 'a=1' in the command window, and you see a list item named 'a' in the workspace.
You double click the icon of the item, and you see its value. You can modify the value of the list item,
1 -> 100 etc,  after which if you go back to the command window and type 'a'  and press enter, you see that
varable a's value has been changed to 100. 
So my question is : if you have two DOS command windows running under WINDOWS OS, how can you make 
them share the same internal variable buffer? Or is there any easier way to implemente such kind of interaction?
I'm looking forward to your answers. Thanks in advance!
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