[EuroPython] Information about my pygame-fenix library.

Fiona Burrows fiona at myrmidonprocess.com
Fri Jul 3 00:26:06 CEST 2009

Hey all,

I gave a lightning talk about my game library called pygame-fenix. 
However I neglected to tell people how to get to it. (do'h)
A few people had approached me asking where they could find it. So since 
I'm not at the sprints this weekend I'll leave info here for anyone else 
who didn't get chance to ask me.

The project does not have an official website (yet) and purely exists as 
a repository on github at this time. There are a few basic examples and 
a short explanation. The library itself has sporadic docstrings and I 
plan on having a sprint of myself in the near future to fix this 
situation as it did seem that I'm not ethe only one who may have a use 
for it.

The repository lives at http://www.github.com/Fiona/pygame-fenix/

If anyone wants to contact me anymore about it then feel free to e-mail 
me so as to not clog this list.


(By the way I am completely aware that this is going well over my 
allotted 5 minutes - but I'm a born rebel!)

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