[EuroPython] Underpass warning.

Alan Kennedy alan at xhaus.com
Fri Jul 3 02:10:42 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I'm staying at the Etap hotel, and have walked through the underpass
(i.e. tunnel under the road) in front of the hotel each evening on the
way home from the Europython venue.

This evening, about 10 minutes after I arrived back at the hotel, some
poor man was assaulted in the same underpass as I had just walked
through 10 mins previously. He was on his way home from a club (not
Europython), and five "yoofs" attacked him, punched him in the face,
and broke a bottle over his head. I heard this from the one of the
people at the Etap, who was explaining to us why an ambulance had
turned up at the hotel.

The advice he gave was "Do NOT walk through the underpasses after 7pm,
it's just not safe. After 7pm, stay overground: there's better
visibility and monitoring".

I thought it was important to relay this advice to ye all: don't walk
through the underpasses alone: if you must use them, do so in groups.



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